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Posted 24th July 2015 by SureSet Team


Work Experience Week

I carried out a week of work experience at SureSet Ltd during my summer holidays. I was introduced to the employees I would be working with and they were all very welcoming and always had tasks for me to carry out, never leaving me empty handed and if I ever needed help in any of the tasks I was carrying out someone was always there to give me a helping hand.

One of the first things I did was thoroughly look through the SureSet website which was easy to navigate and everything was laid out in a form that invites anyone on the website to look around and enquiries can be easily made. I suggested some things that may make the website even better and attract the views of customers. I personally like the ‘team photos’ as it adds a personal touch and shows the dedication of those that have worked at SureSet for a long time.

Throughout the week I was mainly situated in the lab. This involved making samples discs of various ranges that once dry, were checked to make sure they were of a high standard and showed the product adequately. The samples were then labelled and sent off to customers to provide them with the information they need on the product itself and the service that is provided.

Quality is a key priority at SureSet and an experiment was conducted that would ensure the quality would continue to stay at a high level after installation. This experiment involved a variety of different sample discs from natural aggregates to the spectrum range were placed onto the roof of the building over a long period of time. On each disc half was covered by duct tape to create a control that would show the original condition of the disc. By putting the samples in an open space it ensured they received the conditions any other paving that had been installed would receive such as rain and sun. It was decided that it was their time to be brought back down.

I was given the job of cleaning every sample to remove any dirt that was there or anything that was resting on top of the sample and also to remove the duct tape from the controlled side. Photographs of each sample were taken and the results of each were recorded and passed onto technical. Although this was an enduring process the results it left were quite spectacular. I liked doing the hands on tasks as it got me to think about what was happening and the different processes of the product. When I carried out work experience in 2014 in SureSet, I worked in marketing doing tasks such as receiving emails from customers that had requested samples through the SureSet website and packaging the sample discs along with different leaflets to provide the necessary information to the customer that they may need and then sending them off.

Every aspect of the business is needed in order for it to run smoothly and effectively. In SureSet everyone has their own tasks that they carry out and are able to help other employees when things are needed.

Overall I would say my experience at SureSet was successful as I learnt about the business and the different processes involved. I would definitely recommend the business to anyone and the staff would be very helpful to those potential customers being able to help them to find the right paving for them. I’d like to thank everyone at SureSet for making my week enjoyable and welcoming me into your space and I hope you enjoyed the cakes.      

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