Grey Resin Driveways- Why should this be a colour to consider?

Why You Should Consider A Grey Resin Driveway
Whether you look at some of the homes around you or you page through home and garden magazines, you cannot escape one of the must-have colour trends of recent years, namely grey. It’s everywhere, from walls to cupboards, and even driveways!

Find out why the colour is such a popular choice for driveways in the UK and further afield, learn about the different aggregates available at SureSet, and take a look at 10 gorgeous driveways below. We’re happy to share our top 10 grey resin driveway installations with you to provide inspiration for your project.
Why Are Grey Resin Bound Driveways So Popular?
Grey resin bound driveways started becoming more popular in the 2010s. The colour wasn’t a hugely popular choice among many homeowners for decades, as the majority preferred colours such as natural stone or sand, beige, and black.

As the last decade progressed, grey grew in popularity as a choice for exteriors and interiors. What changed? It’s tempting to say that somehow, somewhere, someone’s eyes were opened to the beauty of dark, light, silver, and other shades of grey. But there’s a little more to it. Some of the reasons include:

  1. One of the most important reasons grey resin has become as popular as grey exterior and interior wall paint is because the various shades of the colour are suitable for all property types. Whether yours is an ultra-modern building, an edifice with all the glory of the 80s, or a Victorian terrace, and whether your home is large or small, it will look good in grey. The same goes for driveways.
  2. Almost any colour scheme for pebbledash, brickwork, or paver edging can be enhanced by your choice of a grey resin driveway. The colour is particularly effective if you contrast it with another hot trend of recent years, which is bold shades of colours such as yellow, green, red, and violet. Grey also pairs wonderfully with white, silver, and navy or slate blue.
  3. Grey permeable resin driveways do not require planning permission from your local council, provided the resin-bound paving is laid over a soakaway or a porous sub-base such as SureCell. The products and manner of installation must comply with Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) regulations, otherwise planning permission will be required.
  4. Some colours have narrower options when it comes to warm and cool tones, but that’s not the case with grey resin options for your driveway. The options range of “greiges” that bring warmth to darker areas, to cooler greys that look good in spaces dominated by warmer colours.
  5. Grey is a classic colour, even if it occasionally has fallen out of favour in some décor and design circles. On the whole, it’s here to stay. Whether you have a driveway or even a grey resin patio, it will always be in style.

Find The Perfect Aggregates
If you need some inspiration, take a look at the attractive grey resin bound aggregates in the SureSet collection. Please note that some aggregates are for decorative purposes only, so they’re best used with one of our aggregates that is more suitable for driveway surfaces.

Suitable for driveways and all your other paving projects, our natural aggregate options are the most popular of all our options. You can choose from a variety of aggregate colours, sizes, and textures. Consider options such as blue granite, ocean grey, sterling, and sterling midnight for your grey resin driveway.

Our luxury crushed marble range is sourced from selected quarries in France and Italy. The greys in the range include Astro Peake, safari, and alpine. Browse our range of luxury rounded marble aggregates to find decorative options suitable for borders leading to your grey resin bound driveway, such as 10mm Astro Peake.

If you’re interested in taking your driveway’s colour scheme to the next level with a bespoke motif or simple house number, check out our ranges of decorative aggregates. You’ll find colour options such as crushed ice, gunmetal grey, and silver medal in our Spectrum range. Our range of recycled materials includes options such as crushed mirror.
How much do grey resin driveways cost?
There is no one-size-fits-all cost for grey resin driveways. Instead, the cost varies from project to project as every driveway is unique. All or some of the following factors can influence the total cost of your paving project:

  • The driveway’s layout and size
  • The type of aggregate you choose
  • The aggregate’s size
  • The type of resin used
  • The required depth of the paving
  • The existing surface on which the grey resin will be laid
  • The edging used
  • The driveway’s intended use
  • The cost of labour and transportation

Stylish SureSet Driveway Installations
SureSet has been used for grey resin and other driveways locally and abroad. Take a gander at the following projects for a few ideas on what’s possible with our permeable resin-bound paving.
Chard, Somerset

Tim and Donna’s driveway complements the colours of their home, doesn’t require much maintenance, and is environmentally friendly. Their preferred aggregate was sterling midnight.

Warminster, Wiltshire

An approved installer replaced a damaged driveway with SureSet resin-bound paving. The homeowner chose milk chocolate natural aggregate to complement their home as well as the cul-de-sac.

Burnley, Lancashire

Neighbours Mr and Mrs Wood and Ms Jowitt turned to SureSet when they wanted to pave their adjoining driveways. They chose our barley butter aggregate – and we’re sure you’ll agree that the result is stunning.

Roussillon, France

Our global partner HiSkin installed a ‘greige’ grey resin driveway at the French heritage village of Rousillon. We created 6mm Provence, a special blend of aggregates, for the project.

Cuffley, Hertfordshire

A badly damaged driveway installed by a non-approved contractor was replaced with a bigger, better driveway. We worked with Bowtie Construction and elite approved installers Lovelock Landscapes to install the new driveway designed by Monahan Blythen Hopkins Architects. The homeowner chose winter bronze natural aggregate.

Grey Resin Bound Driveway Aggregate Samples

Choosing the right aggregate and shade of colour for your grey resin bound driveway is a big decision. If you would rather not base your decision on photos only, please contact us to request aggregate samples.

We’ll send you small samples of your preferred aggregates so you can see the colour and size in person. Creating the perfect grey resin driveway with SureSet is simple and the results are always stunning.

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