Get the Most Out of Your Leaf Blower throughout the year

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Posted 23rd March 2018 by Y Holloway


Guest publicist Jackie contacted SureSet to present an article she had written for alternative uses for garden leaf blowers. There were some great suggestions and lots of time put into the article, so of course, we had to share it.


Brits spend around £4 billion a year on gardening tools and one of the most expensive garden items is the leaf blower. Given its name, you likely only get use from yours in the autumn, when you need to clear the leaves from your pavement. However, your Resin Bound Paving may also become covered by other obstructions, such as dirt and snow. If you really want the get the most out of your leaf blower, you should use it year round, from the depths of winter to preparing your garden for summer. Here’s how.

Leaf Blowers in Winter

There are many alternative uses for your leaf blower, so don’t lock it in the shed once the winter hits. Instead, it can be used as a powerful tool for clearing snow. Rather than messing around with a shovel, quickly clear your driveway by blasting it with a leaf blower.

This can be a convenient alternative to a snow blower since leaf blowers tend to be smaller and lighter. This is perfect if you live somewhere that usually only receives a light dusting since heavier snowfall will be harder to clear. It’s also great for getting those last bits off the roof of your vehicle or to clear the doorstep.

Leaf Blowers in Spring

So the winter draws to a close, but don’t go putting that leaf blower away just yet. Spring is the time for spring cleaning and this provides yet more uses for your leaf blower. Use the machine to blow dust out of those hard to reach vents and cupboard tops.

The lint in your clothes dryer could be a fire hazard so use the leaf blower to make sure all the dust is removed. It is also essential to occasionally deep clean your air vents. If they become blocked, pollutants will build up in your home and could cause breathing problems. You can even blow the dust out of your car instead of using a vacuum cleaner.

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Leaf Blowers in Summer

The summertime is a chance to do all those outdoor jobs that you’ve been putting off all year. It is important to regularly clean gutters, but often people put this off because they are hard to access. With the help of a step ladder, you can simply aim the leaf blower and clear all the debris in no time.

Summer is also the perfect time to clean your car, but it’s important that the car dries quickly to prevent a build up of dust sticking to the wet surface. Rather than going around with a trowel and taking forever, you can use the leaf blower. The combination of sun and flowing air will help your car to dry in record time.








If you have splashed out on expensive equipment, it is important to get the most out of it. The leaf blower shouldn’t just be for leaves in the autumn time. Listed above are a few of the key jobs you can perform for each season of the year. However, there are probably many more, so get creative and see how much use you can get out of your leaf blower.

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