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Posted 22nd February 2019 by SureSet Team


Every homeowner knows that taking care of your home includes the area around your house, especially the garden yard. It really doesn’t matter whether you have a big or a small yard, front or the back garden, every lawn requires maintenance. If you don’t like to work in the yard then you should consider investing in a high-quality tool which will make the entire process quick and easy.

The best tool for every homeowner with a garden is a weed eater. Weed eaters are much smaller and much simpler to use than lawn mowers, easy to maintain and you don’t have to use as much energy to move it around like you would with the lawn mower.

But, their main disadvantage is that there are so many types and models on the market, so you would have to read too many weed eater reviews to choose the one you really need. To help you with that task by explaining to you main differences between weed eater types, designs and power and so you don’t have to read all reviews, below are the two main types.

Two Main Types of Weed Eaters

The first thing you have to know is that there are gas powered weed eaters and electric weed eaters. Gas powered weed eaters are much more powerful than electric models and they are mostly used by professionals. If you have a big problem with weeds then you should consider a gas weed eater. Gas weed eaters are loud, heavy and strong and they will destroy every inch of weed in your yard quick and simple. But, if you have a well-maintained yard which needs tweaking every few months, the electric model is an easier choice. Electric models don’t require that much maintenance as gas models, they aren’t that loud and they are light so even a rookie can control them without trouble.

But, electric weed eaters are also separated into two groups: the battery operated and corded models. A corded electric weed eater is a basic tool, which means it is very simple to use, but it is not that strong. Also, you have a cord attached to it so you can’t go as far as you want, but almost every cord is enough to cover small yards. Battery operated weed eaters, on the other hand, can be almost as strong as gas models, they are heavier than corded models (but not too heavy) and the best part is that you aren’t connected with the cable so you can cover every inch of your yard.

Two Main Weed Eaters Designs

When it comes to the design of a weed eater, its not just about colour, but about the shape of the shaft. The shaft can be straight and curved and it can have an adjustable handle. The straight shaft is better if you aren’t experienced because you can see what is happening in front of you. But, the straight shaft is better if you have to reach some specific places like corners or under the bush. It is easier to turn a curved shaft than a straight one.

Besides the shape of the shaft, as mentioned the adjustable handle. An adjustable handle is a good thing because it gives you a chance to adjust the angle of the handle to your preferences. Well, a handle is not the only thing that can be adjustable. There are weed eaters which come with telescopic shafts which means you can adjust the height of the shaft. That is a great feature if your entire family helps with the yard maintenance so every family member can adjust the shaft to their height to complete the garden chors.

If you have a medium size, regular shape, lawn in a family-oriented neighborhood and you want to teach your teens how to maintain it looks, then the right choice for you would be a battery-operated weed eater with a telescopic straight shaft. With that in mind, you can easily see what the market has to offer and choose the best weed eater.

Written by Jake at Weed Eater Hero

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