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Posted 27th October 2011 by Kevin Weston


What better way to kick off our new blog than with details of our new product!

Fusion™, the completely new range of permeable paving which has been developed to give architects, designers and home owners even more freedom when selecting their ideal surfacing material.

Fusion™ draws together products from the company’s existing Spectrum and natural aggregates ranges to provide a virtually limitless selection of colour combinations to choose from.  From blends of vibrant reds and blues, pastel greens and purples and warm buffs and yellows, FusionTM allows users to define their own perfect colour combination.

Whether a particular blend is required to complement an existing structure or to contrast with a specific planting scheme, the Fusion™ range provides the ideal solution.  Once a blend has been requested, SureSet’s technical team takes care of the rest – producing the right combination of materials to suit both aesthetic and durability needs and then providing samples to view.

Fusion™ may be used for whole landscape areas or for features within an overall paving scheme; whatever the requirement, the product will deliver a stunning, durable and low-maintenance surface which is guaranteed to maintain its colour throughout its entire life.

As with all SureSet resin bound paving products, Fusion™ is completely permeable, allowing water to drain through the surface and so reducing surface run off and the risk of puddles forming.  Importantly for home projects, not only is this a key performance benefit, but it also means that there is no need for planning permission to be sought – in 2008, legislation was introduced which requires permission to be obtained in England for any new or re-paving project that is non-permeable.

Click here to see our Fusion™ creative paving range and see how it can help you release your imagination!

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