Four easy ways to spruce up your garden…

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Posted 10th June 2016 by Jim Newton


Looking for ideas to spruce up your garden?

Now is the ideal time of year to start thinking about the outside of your home and sprucing up your garden.  

Time to catch up on the jobs that you have been putting off during the cold, wet months and get your garden ready for some summer action!  

Here are four areas of your garden where we think your valuable free time will have the most impact …  

1.     Pathways and patios  
If your existing pathway or patio is in good condition you could probably get away with giving it a good clean. If it’s not, there are many quick and easy ways to spruce it up:       

  • Re-lay the surface – resin bound paving can be laid onto existing paving such as concrete or asphalt     
  • Easily scrape out weeds with a thick piece of wire or an old knife      
  • Get creative and make a mosaic using decorative stones, recycled shells or coloured glass     
  • If it’s concrete – paint it     
  • Add interest by planting succulents, aromatic herbs or miniature pinks between slabs or in cracks. It will soften hard edges and create pretty ground cover that can be walked on     
  • Introduce a water feature or hang a mirror – adding charm and stimulating senses.  

Easy ideas to transform your garden.

2.     Sheds, fencing and external walls and doors
All of these can be given a new lease of life using the same methods:       

  • Paint – to make the area either blend in or stand out     
  • Varnish – to protect and leave a natural finish     
  • Cover with willow or bamboo for a softer appearance     
  • Cladding – both decorative and protective     
  • Brick effect render – a two coat system such as Liquid Brick.  

3.     Redefine borders and trim hedges
Define borders and areas within your garden with bamboo or willow screening – a cheap and effective option that is widely available.  

When it comes to hedges, bushes and shrubs, instead of just trimming them why not try Topiary? You don’t have to be too adventurous and create something with intricate detail, you can start by clipping them into squares or spheres.

  4.     Introduce lighting  
Many of us have floodlights and wall lights for convenience and security, but they can be harsh and not ideal for creating an atmosphere. So why not consider:       

  • Hanging lights – in most shops there is now an endless choice of fairy lights, lanterns, stars, butterflies…       
  • LED lights – ideal and easy to include into wooden decking and in resin bound driveways, patios and pathways       
  • Solar lights – for the more environmentally considerate of us, there is a huge range of solar lights including hanging lights, wall lights, spiked lights and even animal shaped lights     
  • Finally, why not get really creative and make your own? It’s simple – tea lights and candles in jam jars are a quick, cheap and easy way to give your garden some gentle, romantic light for warm summer nights.  

Please note: water and electricity don’t mix, and we always recommend getting a qualified electrician to carry out this type of work.      

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