Farewell to our resident strong man and Business Development Manager, Hugh Haines

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Posted 28th September 2016 by Ben Shave


Hugh with his Super Hero, ThorAs Hugh prepares for his final days at SureSet we ask him a few questions…

When is ‘leaving cake’ day?
Well, my giving of ‘leaving cakes’ will take place on Thursday of this week as some part-timers don’t do Fridays.  

But as to when I will be receiving my ‘leaving cake’, I’ll leave that up to you guys 😉  

What Super Hero are you?
My SureSet Super Hero is of course Thor. Which I think is down to my dashing good looks and muscular physique……although in reality, it is probably because we both have beards.  

Either way, I’m happy with Thor!  

How long have you worked for SureSet?
I started at the beginning of 2012, so it is about four and a half years; just shy of my five year anniversary so I’ll have to forgo the watch or carriage clock that is given to commemorate that milestone!  

But it has been a great four plus years, that seem to have flown by (in a good way!).  

How has SureSet changed over that time?
Some departments have really grown, such as ‘Smarketing’ – which is testament to the great work that they do, as the company has re-invested in strengthening their numbers.  

There have been some staff changes over my time here, but on the whole SureSet is a stable company, and a great team to work with.   I think the overall feel and ethos of the company hasn’t changed, and that is great to see!  

What personal milestones have you passed while being here?
I turned 30 (hard to believe, I know!!)…married my beautiful wife, Kate…saw my daughter start school (also hard to believe)…competed at the European Powerlifting Championships (taking a silver medal)…promoted to Manager….  

What will you miss most (apart from the Marketing Team)?
Easy. The cakes. The SureSet Team celebrate almost anything with cakes… birthdays, joining the company, leaving the company, record sales months (and there have been a few!), sometimes just because it’s Friday.  

Aside from the sweet treats, it will be the Team! I know I have mentioned it before, but the people here are a really, really big part of what the company is and does. I genuinely hope to stay in touch.  

Best memory?
There have been a few that standout – securing multiple orders from Manchester City FC and Butlins, picking up large schemes for Balfour Beatty and Kier, the annual Christmas party (even with Mikey singing “I wanna be like Hugh-o-oooo” after a couple of shandies!).  

Worst memory?
Lugging gorilla tubs of SureSet up an 8ft scaffolding tower onto a decking area at a hotel in Newquay, which just so happened to be on one of the sunniest days of that year!!!  

But, it was also a great experience being on site with the lads, and we got the job done to our usual high standard; it was also some free training for me too 😉  

Why are you leaving us?!
Initially to pursue my dream of being a professional strength athlete… but my wife wasn’t too impressed, with bills to pay etc! So, instead I have taken a role with GripIt Fixings as their European Trade Business Development Manager.  

This is a new position within a new/growing company, giving me the opportunity to shape the role and my team.  

Challenges ahead?
Learning about a new product and its potential customers, whilst driving hard to meet the targets.  

What are you most looking forward to in your new role? 
Having a blank canvas, which could be a challenge and an opportunity at the same time.

Opening people’s eyes to a new way of solving an old problem. Some travelling to meet visit customers and events.

And of course instigating a SureSet-style ‘cake policy’ 😀