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Posted 28th August 2020 by SureSet Team


How to Achieve an Environmentally Friendly Swimming Pool

Given the state of the planet today, we should all be doing what we can to look after its precious resources. Fortunately, a focus on sustainable living is becoming increasingly popular, both at work and at play.

One of the many ways in which you can make a difference is by choosing an environmentally friendly swimming pool. If you have an existing traditional pool, you don’t need to feel left out because there are various ways in which you can increase its eco-friendliness. One of those ways is to use SureSet paving around the pool.

However, the ideal would be to implement as many as the following suggestions as possible. If you can’t apply all of them, do what you can, because every little bit helps. You can also make additional changes in future as you further embrace the idea of going green.

What Is an Environmentally Friendly Pool?

Before we look at the different ways in which you can make yours an environmentally friendly swimming pool, we need to make one thing clear: no swimming pool can be 100% eco-friendly. That said, some are greener than others (and we’re not talking about algae)!

Pools that are eco-friendly make as little impact on the environment as possible. This happens through a combination of factors, such as choices in chemical usage, filtration systems, heating, landscaping and implementing innovative swimming pool ideas.










Ideas For an Eco-Friendly Pool

Use the following ideas to create one of the closest things you’ll get to an environmentally friendly swimming pool.

Use a Pool Cover

There is no way to stop your pool from losing water due to evaporation. Uncovered pools usually lose about 0.60cm per day in summer. Constantly having to refill a pool uses water that could be put to better use elsewhere. It also means using more chemicals to treat it.

You can decrease the amount of evaporation that takes place by using a pool cover. Other benefits of using a cover include keeping your pool free of debris such as leaves and decreasing the amount of heat lost. A great home swimming pool idea is to use a solar cover, which will help keep the water nice and warm.

Keep Your Pool Filled Throughout the Year

You might be tempted to drain your pool during the colder months when it’s not in use. After all, why keep adding water and chemicals and doing routine maintenance if you’re not using it? Draining your pool and refilling it annually is a massive waste of water. It also could lead to covers and liners drying out and cracking.

The only time you should empty your pool is when you need to sort out a massive algae problem or to do repairs that cannot be done any other way.

Check For Leaks And Repair Them

An environmentally friendly swimming pool is well-maintained. If you notice that loss of water continues after fitting a cover, or that it happens at an alarming rate, check for leaks and have them repaired. Even if you find minor leaks, get them fixed. Apart from preventing water loss, repairing them will prevent them from growing larger.

Run Your Pump For Less Time

Many pool pumps are made for larger pools, which means they can be run for less time than the recommended eight hours per day. A good swimming pool idea is to check whether your pump is made for bodies of water larger than the one you have. If so, you could run it for four to six hours per day.

If you have a manually operated pump, invest in a timer. It often happens that homeowners forget that the pump is running, or they leave it running for longer than necessary because they have other chores to do. Either way, it’s a waste of energy. A timer will switch the pump on and off, saving you time, energy and money.

Build Or Convert To a Natural Pool

One of the best eco-friendly home swimming pool ideas is to build or convert your existing pool into a natural one. Instead of using chlorine and other chemicals, natural pools pump the water through a plant-filled regeneration zone. The water is filtered in the zone before being returned to the part of the pool used for swimming.

If you don’t have the finances, space or time and energy for the maintenance required by a natural pool, install a moss filter. Relatively new on the market, they are a wonderful option for anyone who wants an environmentally friendly swimming pool that uses much less chlorine. The filters use sphagnum moss to filter the water and to prevent the formation of bacteria colonies known as biofilm.

Environmentally Friendly Landscaping

An environmentally friendly swimming pool includes the landscaping around the pool, paving and plants included. Exotic plants can look fabulous, but they can be high maintenance to the point of being eco-unfriendly, or they can be potentially invasive, which can cause problems for local ecosystems. When choosing plants, limit your options to low-maintenance indigenous plants.

Pool surrounds also should be eco-friendly, and that’s where SureSet comes in. Our resin bound pool surrounds are made from natural aggregate or marble, and they are permeable. This means little to no chance of puddles forming, and if there’s any algae growth, it’s kept to a minimum. Along with being environmentally friendly, SureSet offers the added advantage of safety through reduced risk of slipping.

If you want to find out more about using SureSet for your home swimming pool ideas, give us a call, send an email, or pop in a chat to one of our friendly staff.  


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