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Posted 10th May 2012 by Kevin Weston


I would like to take this opportunity to give anyone who is considering using our DIY kits a bit more information about them.  Our DIY kits are available in any of the mixes in our product range.

Each kit will cover ½ a square metre at a 16mm depth and comes with detailed instructions. Prices start from £37.50 per kit. For small areas the kits can be mixed by hand or with a garden trowel and then the material is installed using a stainless steel flooring float or similar. You need to ensure you have white spirit and rags for wiping down tools available. Everything else you will need is provided within the kits. Once the installation is complete it should be protected from any rain and left overnight to ensure the desired finish is created.

These kits are suitable for a number of applications from garden patios and paths to pool surrounds and terraces. The kits can also be used for larger projects such as a driveway but it will certainly be worth seeking our advice before attempting any installation over around 15-20 square metres. If you have an area that you think would be suitable for our DIY kits why not pick up the phone and talk to our technical sales team.

Did you know…

That you can now purchase your DIY Kit online?

According to a DIY Consumer Marketing Trend Report by Zach Williams, the increasing number of people embarking on DIY projects are not just ladies with a Pinterest board, but a much wider demographic that care more about the high quality and environmental credentials of the product than saving money.

You don’t need any experience at all to use a SureSet resin bound DIY Kit®. Made with high quality, environmentally components, our DIY paving kit is ideal for small DIY projects.

Our easy to install DIY Kit contains comprehensive instructions, taking you step by step through the process of mixing and trowelling SureSet resin bound paving. We even provide a helpful video about how to install a DIY Kit.

Perfect for small projects or creating unique designs, each DIY Kit contains enough specially formulated resin and aggregate to complete approximately 0.5m² at a 16mm depth.

A SureSet paving kit provides you with a trusted and proven manufactured resin bound formula. The benefits of SureSet resin bound surfacing materials include:

• Permeability – allowing water to drain through
• Easy to install – step by step instructions included
• Smooth finish – no loose stones
• Low maintenance – with occasional power-washing
• Durability, frost resistant and UV stability – no yellowing from sun

This is what SureSet Approved Installer, Glenco Civil Engineers Ltd, think about our DIY Kit…

“It was not the first time we had used the DIY Kits but it was the first time we had attempted to lay it in such a small area. The main advantage for us was the ease of getting them to the balcony. So for this job, the bucket format of the DIY Kit was perfect and the pre-weighed materials mixed well and were easy to use.

I’d say, for small areas this DIY kit format is perfect.”
Mark Norton – Managing Director

Here are some FAQ’s about our DIY Kit…

What can I do if it’s not curing (setting)?

Once mixed the SureSet resin can take up to 24 hours to cure, depending on air and surface temperatures. If the material has not cured after 48 hours please contact
us for advice.

What happens if I don’t mix it properly?

If the resin and aggregate are not mixed thoroughly and the aggregate particles are not fully coated, this can cause a shortened life expectancy of the product. There is also a risk of a build of resin and fine aggregates which can cause a foaming within the resin. This can then cause blisters in the finished surface after curing.

What happens if I can’t finish my project in one day?

If your project is going to take more than one day to complete, we recommend allowing/installing a day joint within the SureSet surface. You can easily create a day joint by creating an edge using a timber joint up to which you lay the SureSet resin bound paving. The following day, the day joint is removed and you carry on laying up against the straight edge.

What is the best weather in which to lay a DIY Kit?

Weather conditions should be dry, and above 50C, with a relative humidity of less than 85%.

How long do I have to work with the material?

Once mixed you will have approximately 10-20 minutes of playing time per kit. After this time the float can burnish the surface if over floated.

What edging can I use?

SureSet can be laid up against almost any type of secure edge, such as brick pavers, timber edging, stainless steel or aluminium edging, lawn edging, or directly up against walls.

Do I need to protect the edging?

It is advisable to mask all edging where possible to reduce the risk of staining from the SureSet resin and associated tools.

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