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Posted 12th September 2017 by Ben Shave


If you want to turn heads in your grounds, then eye-catching paving designs can be the way to do it. Whether your commercial garden demands attention or you’d like your driveway to be the most impressive on the street, resin bound paving makes a visual impact. There are many practical elements of this type of paving, but in this blog we’re going to focus on the visual appeal.

Resin bound paving

Resin bound paving is extremely versatile and because there are so many colour and pattern options, you can get really creative with it. Manufactured with natural aggregate, recyled materials or marble, each range is UV stable which means the colours won’t fade over time. Each SureSet product range has a different texture and a myriad of colours to choose from, so all customers can find their perfect shade of paving.

Creative home paving

The luxury finish of resin bound paving makes it ideal for use in front gardens, driveways and pathways. Residential paving needs to look attractive and match the style of the rest of the home. If using the paving for a patio area, why not use a range of designs to make a colourful pattern? If you have a large garden with different paved areas, you could have a different colour for the patios and the pathways to segment the outdoor space.

Creative business paving

Because SureSet’s resin bound paving range is so adaptable, it can be used for a myriad of commercial needs including leisure paving, courtyards, tree pits, pool surrounds and car parks. As we make each resin bound product ourselves, we can also create bespoke designs and there’s a huge potential for creativity. We have a colour matching service so we can blend the ideal colours of aggregate to match commercial designs. The paving can be used to produce business logos, names, special themed images and welcome signs – so you’ll have the most unique flooring in the neighbourhood.

When it comes to creative commercial paving, resin bound products are the premium choice. From colourful school playground designs to football emblems, we can create visual effects which are sustainable and durable and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Do you long for something a little different in your residential or commercial gardens? Our resin bound paving ranges and bespoke designs offer limitless design options and are perfect for your home or business. Check out our creative paving galleries for inspiration.

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