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Posted 1st March 2019 by SureSet Team


We are excited to announce that we have recently sourced a new recycled glass supplier which gives us the scope to develop our ever-evolving paving ranges even further.

Our new supplier recycles glass culled from old TV Screens, which goes through a low-energy production process and provides a beautiful result of tumbled clear glass cullet’s approximately 3mm in aggregate size. With our innovative colour coating process which has been developed in-house this allows us to produce a huge range of vibrant colours, just perfect for creating shapes and patterns in your paved areas. Imagine having your corporate logo on display at the entrance to your building or adding detail such as footprints for people to follow, this would really make a statement and make your paved area memorable.

From subtle pastel shades such as Blueberry and Spearmint, primary colours such as Traffic Red and Mint Green to sparkly iridescent colours such as Crushed Ice and Titanium just about anything is achievable. We can even work with you to create specific RAL colours to colour coordinate your surroundings such as your double glazing or your garage door.

Complete our Sample request form to order your Spectrum recycled coloured glass.


Our unique colour coated recycled glass is also available in a loose form. As the only UK supplier of colour coated glass, we feel that the possibilities are endless. Our loose glass could be used in decorative areas to add that final detail that no other product can offer.

Order our loose coloured glass from our online shop.


Not keen on one block of colour, no problem. We can mix it up a little with our bespoke Fusion range. Whilst our Fusion range has some permanent colour options available it also gives you the freedom to use your creative flair and come up with your own ideas to design that perfect blend for your project. Perhaps you like the idea of combining two colours in equal measures or possibly something with a smaller proportion of one colour over another, but you would like to create some variation. We can do it for you! The options that could fall under our Fusion range are as extensive as your imagination.

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