Close House Hotel and Golf Course

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Posted 4th May 2012 by Kevin Weston


Close House is a Hotel and Golf Course with history dating back to the early thirteenth century. It is located just outside Heddon-on-the-Wall up in Newcastle on Tyne.

It is a very prestigious Hotel with corporate sponsors which include Audi and Barclays and is endorsed by their very own ‘Attached Tour Professional’ golfer, Lee Westwood, who is currently ranked third in the world.

The grounds of the premises are vast with over 300 acres being owned by the Hotel. Throughout the last year we have done a number of different works at the Hotel including recently completing the driveway leading to the front entrance of the club house. This involved recreating the company logo using our Midnight mix which worked to great effect.

We recently completed another phase which brings the total to more than 2800m² of Norwegian Pearl being laid at a range of depths. Applications include a winding stretching driveway, a car park, countless metres of pathway and a courtyard.

The owners of Close House certainly seem pleased with the new surface and have even invited a number of guests to try the ride quality of the driveway in a number of stunning luxury cars.

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