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Posted 19th November 2012 by Hugh Haines

Benefits of permeable paving

We hear more and more about damages to property due to flooding. One of the largest causes of flooding in residential areas is due to driveways and pathways being over paved with materials that are not porous enough to drain through heavy rain fall, resulting in more water being put into the drainage systems, opposed to the ground itself.

Help your environment

  • Use permeable materials so that the ground can absorb the water.
  • Allow water to drain directly into the ground and the surrounding areas, it can reduce the need of artificial irrigation.
  • Allowing water into the ground can reduce the surface and surrounding areas temperature, it will be cooler than an impermeable surface.

The simplest way to create a permeable area would be to use loose gravel or grass however, installing permeable driveways doesn’t mean you can’t have a hard standing material.

There are many options to choose from such as resin bound materials, asphalt, concrete and block paving, all of which provide a permeable option.

Below are some useful links regarding permeable paving and making the right choice for you.