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Posted 12th March 2016 by Technical Team

What do you usually do on a Saturday night?
To be honest I could be doing a multitude of things, from sharing a bottle of wine with my wife watching a film (and by sharing I mean I get more than ¾ of it), to sharing an evening with friends, or even sneaking out for a few cheeky pints down the pub. 

Either way I will usually have a drink or two (in moderation of course).    My wife actually works on Sundays and there is nothing like the prospect of keeping a six and four year old entertained, for several hours to ensure that moderation is achieved!!  

What is your favourite takeaway?
Tough one… I love Chinese and Indian takeaways, but at the moment I have a thing for fried chicken (my waistline sighs)!!  The introduction of the Just Eat app hasn’t helped matters, it’s way too easy!  

What is your favourite advert?
The SureSet permeable paving advert of course!!    I actually do not watch adverts if I can help it.  I am very much a Sky Plus, Netflix, Amazon TV kind of guy.  If I don’t have the option of fast-forwarding something then the chances are I am not watching it. 

About the only thing I watch live is Sport (no point watching a recorded version), so I suppose if I am going to get caught by an advert then it is likely to be at half time.  

What is your favourite TV show?
These questions don’t get any easier!!  My wife and I subscribe to one of the newest words in the dictionary, Binge-watching!!  We tend to find new series (or new to us), and watch it almost exclusively until we have seen every episode, then start something else.  It is very easy to do now due to all the box sets available on the TV services.  

If I had to label a few of my favourites I would go for:  Suits, Sons of Anarchy, 24, and Vikings.  I am very late getting in on the act for The Walking Dead, but three series down and it is almost making it on to my list!  

If you could choose one famous person to spend Saturday night with who would it be?
Good question.  It might sound rather nerdy, but I have a bit of a man crush on Professor Brian Cox.    I love his TV shows (although I did leave him out of the previous answer!), his podcast ‘The Infinite Monkey Cage’ and the way he explains things.   

At the time of him explaining complex things like the ‘Higgs Boson’, or some other physics related black magic, I can almost convince myself I understand what he is on about.  But no sooner has the programme finished, than the information rushes away leaving me just as ignorant and confused as I was before watching…  It is like when you are desperately trying to remember a dream upon waking, and it just fades into the background.  

Ben is our Commercial Director and has been with us for 12 years..

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