Bath Spa tree pit revamp

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Posted 14th April 2014 by Jim Newton


I’m Gail and I joined the Marketing Team here at SureSet last week. It’s been a hectic time – with lots to learn and people to meet!

Yesterday I went to the nearby beautiful City of Bath to see, for the first time, SureSet permeable resin bound paving being installed.

Our product was being used in four tree pits situated in the new Vaults Dining Quarter, next to the historic Bath Spa railway station. SureSet installers Adam, Martyn and Stuart were there to replace some tree pits which were installed by another company when the Vaults first opened, but had quickly deteriorated.

Several well known eateries have already opened their doors here and they all have plenty of outside seating space – so it’s vital the surrounding area looks attractive.

Having heard so much about the process I was excited to see it in action. It was a perfect spring day with lots of tourists in Bath, and – in between directing people to Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths – we took some photos that will be used to demonstrate our DIY kits.

With Health and Safety paramount and so well away from the public, the area where the product was being mixed was covered with plastic and taped down. The aggregate, resin, mixer and generator were then unloaded.

Next a base was laid in the tree pits and the surrounding area and tree trunk protected. The same aggregate used in the mix will fill in the gap between the tree and the permeable resin bound paving.

Adam mixed the resin and aggregate, which was transported to the tree pits in a wheelbarrow. Martin tipped and luted just the right amount of mix for the area which was then expertly hand trowelled by Stuart to a perfectly smooth, long lasting finish. To complete the process the area was then sprinkled with SureSand to help with slip resistance over the tree pits.

Now, not only is the tree pit attractive, durable and easy to clean, but the tree will continue to thrive thanks to the air and water it receives through the permeable paving.

What impressed me most, apart from the product itself, was how tidy the installers were! I confess to being a bit obsessive when it comes to tidiness, and would not hesitate to have them working on my house or garden.

To see our tidy installers in action for yourself subscribe to our YouTube channel or join us on Social Media to keep up to date with SureSet.

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