Autumn 2016 colour palette

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Posted 23rd September 2016 by Jim Newton


This autumn six new colours have been added to the Pantone universe which are dominating next season’s make-up, interior design and fashion collections.

One of the new colours, and Pantone colour of the year 2016, is Quartz Rose – almost identical to Rose Petal from our range of Marble paving.

All of the colours available in either our Crushed or Rounded Marble range are neutral, warm, traditional timeless tones of cream, brown, grey, pink and green.

The marble we use is sourced from carefully selected quarries in Spain and Italy – our Rounded Marble is available in 10mm size stones and suitable for pedestrian use. While our Crushed Marble is a more angular stone suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular use. This is available in 3mm, 6mm or 10mm size stones.  St Albans | SureSet 6mm Winter Frost

If you are looking for a colour that isn’t in our standard paving range please get in touch. We will do our best to source a suitable product for you.

This 90m² garden pathway and patio installation in St Albans was laid in 6mm Winter Frost, creating a stunning contrast with the lush green well maintained lawn.

A little marble based ‘True or False’…

  • The Taj Mahal in India is made entirely of marble.
  • A fine powder of marble can be used in glue, plastic and even toothpaste!
  • Marble was originally called “Marmaros”, which basically means something very shining and beautiful.

One of the countries we get our marble from is Italy – the world leader with a 20% share in global marble production and Spain ranks fourth with 6% (Wikipedia). Marble production is dominated by four countries (Italy, Spain, China and India) that account for almost half of world production of marble and decorative stone.

In addition to the enduring elegance of Marble paving we also offer the ever popular range of Natural Aggregate and colourful Spectrum® recycled glass.