Autumn Colour Palette

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Posted 4th October 2019 by Anne Shave


With a drop in temperatures and the leaves changing colour, lush green to the telltale reds and oranges slowly turning into the crispy lifeless browns,  autumn has come around all too quickly again.

One of our blends lends itself well to this season, with warm tones of creams and oranges, too the dark mix of Tuscan red, this conjures up memories of nights in front of the fire, listening to the rain beating down on the windowpane outside, knowing you’re nice and toasty indoors. With the ever-changing weather that beckons, brightening up our outside spaces can help with the winter doldrums, helping to keep us cheery through the tough cold months ready for the expectant spring to arrive.

Natural Aggregate paving is our most popular product,  providing the widest range of practical and pleasing options of our permeable resin-bound paving system… Available in different aggregate sizes and textures, these from Crisp and crunchy to beautiful smooth Peebles, this range offers something to suit all tastes, projects, and designs.

We offer a large range of colour options in our Natural Aggregate range. Our shade palette flows from rich golden browns and dark tempting reds to mellow shades of creams, stark whites, architectural greys with deepest blacks. If you fancy something different to what we have on offer, we can design a bespoke blend just for you.

For one customer it was the perfect blend for their project, the red tones of the mix stark against the block paving. Swirling paths and circular patios give it a futuristic feel, with the hard landscaping softened by the deliberate planting of lush shrubs and small trees.


Another client used our Bronze blend, which has subtle hints of caramel and warms browns mixing with hues of mossie green, giving the impression of fallen leaves on the ground, waiting to be kicked in the air by small boot-clad feet. They have used red blocks to make a bright statement and allowing the eye to follow the large curve breaking up seating areas and the front reception.

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