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Posted 18th March 2013 by Kevin Weston



Amsterdam city council had previously used an epoxy resin tree pit system to surface all the tree pits in Rembrandt Square which proved to be unsuccessful, with extensive degradation of the resin creating problems with loose stone and potential trip hazards. The city council sought a solution and asked us to carry out a trial involving two tree pits using a SureSet tree pit blend of their choice. The trials performed to the city’s satisfaction and the decision was made to surface a further 20 large tree pits in the square using the same treatment.  The finished result gives a durable, low maintenance, sustainable and eco-friendly solution to the problem of tree pit surfacing in this particularly attractive and popular part of the city.


Our skilled tradesmen travelled to Amsterdam taking all tools and materials required to install the SureSet and oversee the smooth running of the site. Using the existing tree sand as the base we added a crack reduction membrane as a precaution to prevent potential cracking due to movement of the base. Approximately 120 square metres of the specified 10mm Charcoal tree pit mix was installed incorporating SureSets flexi-zone material to allow for further tree growth. At an average 50mm depth the charcoal material was laid flush to the metal edging surrounding the pits to add a seamless and pedestrian friendly finish.


The tree pits were all completed to a high standard and on schedule. The Charcoal material perfectly compliments the surrounding block paving and the Rembrandt statue’s plinth.

As a result of the success of this installation, several more tree pits have subsequently been surfaced in the adjacent JD Meijer square with further orders in the pipeline.

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