5 Ways to Get your Garden Summer Ready

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Posted 1st August 2017 by Ben Shave


It’s the time of year for outdoor entertaining, which means getting your garden ready for summer should be a top priority. When the temperatures rise, you now you need to dust off the BBQ and spruce up the garden furniture! Whether it’s an al fresco dinner party or a family garden party, let’s make the most of the sunshine! It’s British summer after all so who knows how long we have to enjoy this warm weather.

If you want to make your outside spaces look beautiful this summer, here are a few ideas.

1.    Pressure wash the patio

The wet weather can sometimes leave your concrete paths, patio or driveway looking a bit haggard. To give these areas a fresh lease of life, blast away all the dirt and grime with a jet wash or pressure washer. You can do this a few times over the summer months to keep the garden paving and patio looking brand new.

2.    Luscious lawn

If you have a lawn in your back garden then you have to be committed to maintaining it. Grass can be hard work, which is why many homeowners are now opting to have more paving, decking or flowerbeds. As well as regular cutting, to make the lawn look its best it requires feeding and weeding on a weekly basis.

3.    Hanging baskets and patio pots

If you haven’t been particularly green fingered throughout the spring, then it’s time to add some blooms to the garden in the form of pots and hanging baskets. From beautiful roses to colourful bedding plants, almost all flowers grow well in pots and you can move them around as desired. If you’re short on planting time, you can even buy them already made up from garden centres.

4.    Update furniture

Unfortunately, outdoor tables and chairs don’t seem to look their best for very long because of the range of weather conditions they have to endure. Wooden furniture especially can start to look tired after just one year. Why not give it all a fresh update by painting it a pretty pastel colour?

5.    Lighting

For a relaxing vibe, you really must pay attention to lighting in the garden. The outdoor security light is not an option! You may have a firepit which provides some light, but also think about solar lights, string lights and candles in jam jars which can be placed around the patio. We should have some lighter evenings to enjoy but you never know how long the party will last, and ambient lighting will persuade your guests to stay.

Are you ready for a long summer of entertaining in your lovely garden?

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