4 Ways to improve outdoor public spaces

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Posted 20th July 2017 by Ben Shave


Summer is here and a great way to entice customers or improve the wellbeing of employees is with beautiful open spaces. From eating a packed lunch in the courtyard to enjoying a hotel or bar’s rooftop terrace, public outdoor spaces can make a huge impact on your visitors. If you haven’t already, it’s time to improve your gardens and outdoor spaces for summer. A public garden doesn’t have to be a huge open space with picnic lawns and trees – it’s about making the most of what you’ve got. Some of the most interesting outdoor spaces are in urban areas so don’t let this put you off creating an inviting area. All you need is a creative vision and possibly a little investment to make an amazing public outdoor space. Follow our practical guide for improving your outdoor spaces – read on for four simple tips.

1.    Artworkimage of park benches in the park

Installing any form of art work in a public place will spark interest and make people more inclined to visit. Depending on the style of your commercial building you may want to use sculpture, mosaics or wood carvings to add an artistic feel to the space. Graffiti work or street art on a brick wall works well in urban gardens, or you could commission a local artist to create a mural. You could even try and establish an interactive artwork to engage with your visitors. Art instantly makes a space more appealing.

2.    Maintenance free

A professional tip is to design a courtyard or a garden which is as maintenance free as possible. This is because if it starts to look unruly or unkempt, then it can actually discourage people from socialising in the outdoor space. Choose commercial paving which is practical and durable, and only have lawns and flower beds if you can keep them in good condition. If you’re able to hire a regular gardener then maintenance shouldn’t be a problem but it can be very time consuming during the summer.

3.    Attractive seating

If you want people to spend time in your outdoor space then you need to focus on the seating options available. Ideally have a range of different options as everyone prefers different types of outdoor seating. The standard wooden bench can be uncomfortable, and some people don’t like sitting on stools or seats without back support. Invest in quality furniture which will stand the test of time.

4.    Focal point

Try and design the outdoor space with a pivotal element in mind. It could be a tree, a fountain, a sculpture or a child’s playground, but having a central design element is just as important for garden landscaping as it is for interior design. There’s always room for improvement, so try and incorporate some of these tips today.

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