215 downloads of our resin bound mobile app!

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Posted 14th October 2016 by Jim Newton


Looking for a resin bound mobile app?  

Why not download ours… It’s only been three months since we launched our mobile phone app and it’s been downloaded 215 times!  

The first person to purchase a DIY Kit through our mobile app said:  

“The Sales Team provided a professional service and dealt with my order quickly and efficiently. I was kept updated on the progress with my order via regular emails.”  

To celebrate the success of our mobile app, we thought we would do a little research about mobile phones and mobile apps, and share our interesting findings with you…       

  • It’s estimated that in 2017, around 269 billion apps will be downloaded – that’s 33 for every person on the planet.     resin bound paving mobile app
  • Some say that the first mobile phone app, the ‘Snake’, appeared in 1997 – nearly 20 years ago.     
  • The Apple App Store was launched in 2008 and has since earnt app developers nearly $50 billion.     
  • Google launched their Play store in 2012 and has since published over 2.2 million apps.       
  • Facebook is the most downloaded app, followed by Instagram and then WhatsApp.       
  • While we don’t know which app is the least downloaded, it’s believed that 60% of Apple App Store apps have never been downloaded and 70% those downloaded are deleted after less than 72 hours.     
  • On average, mobile phone users check their phones 80 times a day – with an average of 2,617 swipes every day.     
  • 54% of Facebook users never having logged in on a traditional computer.     
  • 63% of millennials (people under 30) prefer to buy products using a mobile app.     
  • People over 50 are the fastest growing group of people using Smartphones.     
  • Analysts predict that by 2024, 42% of UK retail sales will involve the use of an app at some stage.     
  • Mobile phone users spend 87% of their time in apps.     
  • Pokemon Go was downloaded more than 20 million times (in the US alone) in its first week of release and has earned its developers $1.6M per day.     
  • The first mobile phone cost $4000 in 1983.       
  • The first mobile call was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper.       
  • Today’s mobile phones have more computing power than the computers used to land Apollo 11 on the moon.       
  • More than 100,000 mobile phones are dropped into the toilet each year in Britain.       
  • 70% of mobile phones are manufactured in China.       
  • Approximately 80% of the world’s population has a mobile phone.       
  • There are five times more mobile phones than PCs.       
  • Within 3 minutes of delivery, 90% of text messages are read.       
  • The highest ever phone bill is £142,000 (Celina Aarons).       
  • At $15million, the iPhone 5 Black Diamond is the most expensive phone – taking nine weeks to build. It is made from 135 grams of 24 carat gold and 600 white diamonds.  
  • Read more about the launch of our mobile app on our Blog.  

(These facts and figures came from Spinfold and Calvium)      



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