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Posted 15th April 2016 by Jim Newton


We are launching a new colour named Astro Peake, as a tribute to the first Briton to visit the International Space Station (ISS), Commander Tim Peake. But did you know that…

  1. The ISS orbits 250 miles above Earth: 

    To lay a 250 mile long SureSet surface – averaging 10m wide to accommodate the flight path – would take (approx.) 4,000,000m² of resin bound paving. 

    The project (should we be awarded it) will take around 16,000 days, or 44 years to lay. 

    If we used 6mm Astro Peake mix @ 20mm depth, we would need approximately 146,000,000 tonnes of mixed aggregate and resin. 

  2. Tim’s mission began on 15 December and is anticipated to end 5 June 2016: 

    During those six months we will have laid more than 30,000m² of SureSet resin bound paving.

  3. Tim got the ‘job’ after responding to an internet advert from the European Space Agency: ‘Do you want to be an astronaut?’
  4. Tim is the eighth Briton to travel to Space.  
  5. It’s quicker to travel to the ISS than it is to get to Glasgow from London by coach.
  6. It took just over eight minutes for the Soyuz rocket to get into orbit and approximately six hours to reach the ISS.
  7. He beat 8,000 other applicants and then spent six years training.
  8. Training involved:     

    Spending time underwater in a spacesuit preparing for weightlessness
    Food-tasting sessions preparing for eating in space     

    Learning Russian, which Tim said “…has been the single most difficult aspect of my training.”

  9. To coincide with the London Marathon, Tim ran 26.2 miles on a treadmill.
  10. Tim has a playlist of 117 songs on the European Space Agency Spotify account.
  11. Children played a big part in preparing for his mission:  
    Chosen from more than 3,000 entries, 13 year old Blue Peter viewer, Troy, designed Tim’s mission patch.     

    Some of the software Tim is using was designed by children and will be used to run experiments and applications.     

    Heston Blumenthal worked on some specially designed space food created with the help of British schoolchildren. Suggestions included a rocket lolly and a three course meal of tomato soup, curry and an Eton mess.

  12. In true British style, Commander Peake has a bone china tea cup to enjoy his cuppa in space.  

We are over the moon with this new colour and think Astro Peake will really take off with our customers – we’re expecting sales to go into orbit!  

Watch this space for exciting developments to our Crushed and Rounded Marble range…   We could find more out of this world space puns if we had more time to planet.  

Why not tweet us your astronomical puns?

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