10 reasons to resin bound a Tree Pit surround

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Posted 18th January 2016 by Ben Shave

Resin Bound Paving is a popular choice for trees surrounds. Trees are important to have in our streets and gardens providing privacy, shade and UV protection, homes for wildlife and most importantly oxygen. Did you know that trees also contribute to combating climate change by cleaning the air and cooling streets which all help to conserve energy?
  • Prevent water pollution and reducing runoff
  • Providing a natural sound barrier
  • Increase property appeal

How to keep trees with minimal maintenance?

Tree pits are ideal and seen around most trees in public places, the most popular types are metal grille, soil and resin bound.   Whilst very decorative, metal grille tree pits inadvertently create somewhere for litter and leaves to gather and can also be a trip hazard. While soil tree pits quite often end up looking like an ashtray or dog toilet.

10 good reasons to choose a resin bound tree pit

  1. A quick, easy way to instantly improve the appearance and reduce maintenance
  2. Porosity allows water to reach the roots while providing protection and allowing growth
  3. The smooth, stone free finish eliminates the build-up of litter and leaves and keeps it looking tidy
  4. When laid around mature trees with exposed roots potential trip hazards are reduced
  5. They are available in a DIY Kit® or TradePack® format
  6. Tree pits do not require a solid base
  7. From a huge choice of colours, a resin bound tree pit can complement or contrast adjoining surfaces
  8. A clean finish up to an edge including kerbs, pin kerbs, plastic lawn edging, wood and timber, marble setts or aluminium edging can be achieved
  9. LED or fibre optic lights can be incorporated, providing additional safety benefits
  10. Resin bound tree pits can be included into driveways, pathways and hard landscaping designs.

Here are some answers to questions we are frequently asked…   

How easy is it to clean a resin bound tree pit?

See for yourself just how easy it can be to maintain resin bound paving.

How long does it take for a SureSet resin bound tree pit to cure?

SureSet tree pits can be walked on after six to eight hours after installation –  we would always recommend leaving it 12-24 hours if possible.

How long will a SureSet tree pit last?

SureSet permeable paving installations come with a 21-year guarantee, our own experience and knowledge suggest it will last in excess of 25 years.

How much does a resin bound tree pit cost?

Your installation is unique to you and so individually priced. We take into account your location, size of your project and the stone you choose. Our quotations are free of charge, with no obligation and can be arranged by contacting us. Our self-install Tree Pit TradePack starts from as little as £975.00 which gives a coverage of 10m² at a 40mm depth.

What base is suitable for resin bound tree pits?

SureSet can be laid on a new tree pit base of crushed compacted type 3 stone or on an infilled SureCell base.

Do I need planning permission?

No, 2008 government legislation states that you do not need planning permission if the surface is permeable (or less than five square metres).

Read more about our Tree Pits and download a brochure, maintenance guide or specifications. If you have any other questions please just contact us and we will be happy to help – please call on 0800 612 6501 or email us.

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*Source: treepeople.org 

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