10 reasons to choose InBound® indoor flooring

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Posted 16th November 2015 by Ben Shave


Looking for something a little different to the usual internal flooring options?

InBound® indoor flooring is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories, indoor pools, hot tub and Jacuzzi surrounds, showrooms, offices, hallways, studios, reception areas and retail spaces (actually the list is endless!).  

We think it that InBound is far more exciting than tiles, laminate, carpet or wood flooring because it…  

  1. Allows you to create a natural flow from inside to outside by using the same material.  
  2. Can be installed with a permeable or a water resistant finish.  
  3. Offers unlimited design flexibility. A huge range of colours, including bespoke blends, and our creativity allows you to personalise or theme your internal surface.  
  4. Can be laid over some existing surfaces making it easier, cheaper and more convenient.
  5. Can be used to complement or contrast other areas of your home or business and harmonise with adjacent materials and surfaces.
  6. Provides you with the option to build in ramps for improved access.  
  7. Allows you to do it yourself with our DIY Kit® or TradePack®.
  8. Requires minimal maintenance. Watch how easy on our video page.
  9. Makes it easy to divide or define specific areas within your home or business.
  10. Can incorporate fibre optic or LEDs; perfect for creating seamless and effective mood or feature lighting.  

Have any questions? Here’s some answers to those we are frequently asked – if you have others please just ask…  

Is InBound suitable for any area?
Yes. Because of the range of colours and textures and a choice of permeable or sealed finish, InBound is suitable for any internal area.  

Can InBound cope with heavy traffic?
Yes. InBound is durable enough to withstand heavily trafficked internal floors.  

What about spills?
Spills are not a problem for InBound. If it has been installed with a permeable finish fluid will drain through. If it has been installed with a sealed finish the spill will sit on top until soaked up with a cloth.  

Is it environmentally friendly?
Yes. SureSet is a low energy product, cold mixed on site. We use natural aggregate, marble or recycled glass and our high quality clear resin is partially plant derived.  

Will it suit any style?
Yes. Our vast range of colours and textures provide something to suit all styles and tastes. We also offer bespoke colour blends for matching adjacent surfaces.  

Read more about InBound® on our website.   If you have any other questions or would like any more information please just contact us, we are happy to help – you can call on 0800 612 6501 or email us.