10 Paving ideas for Hotel and Leisure Paving

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Posted 15th February 2016 by Y Holloway


Hotels, theme parks, holiday camps, leisure centres, bars and restaurants, racecourses are all subject to a very high footfall. This means any paving specified has to be practical, pretty, and durable. SureSet is the answer. Find out why our permeable resin bound paving is the best choice for hotel and leisure paving below.

Reasons To Use SureSet

SureSet permeable resin bound paving is the superior choice for hotels and leisure facilities. Our product can help by:

  1. Reducing installation time and cost if laid over existing surfaces including concrete and asphalt (in a good, stable condition).

If the area to be paved is a brand-new project, SureSet should not be installed without a sub-base being put in place first, and the best sub-base is our very own SureCell. However, if the area is an existing patio that was paved previously with concrete, asphalt, or another material, and it’s in good condition, there’s no need for a new sub-base. SureSet can be laid directly over the existing surface. Provided the surface was cleaned properly first, which makes it much easier to give your hotel or leisure facility a make-over.

  1. Managing surface water run-off, thereby contributing to the prevention of urban flooding.

Thanks to unabated construction and development and increasingly frequent extreme weather events due to climate change, urban flooding is on the rise in the UK and other parts of the world. The loss of open ground that used to absorb rain, and drainage systems that can no longer cope with the runoff, meaning water that should be channelled away instead poses an ever-greater risk of flooding.

The tiny voids that form in SureSet permeable resin bound paving allow rainwater to drain into the earth or into collection or drainage systems. This means less runoff to potentially contribute to urban flooding. The possibility of collecting rainwater also offers potential for green solutions in other areas of the hotel. For example, a well-known hotel in Atlanta, USA, collects rainwater from the rooftop and the zen garden for use in its cooling towers. Although the collection doesn’t happen via permeable paving, it’s a fine example of green building and energy principles at work. Consider installing a rainwater harvesting system in conjunction with SureSet permeable paving.

  1. Harmonising with other materials such as block paving, brick, paving slabs, decking, gravel, crazy paving, pattern-imprinted concrete, sandstone, and granite setts.

You don’t need to go to the extremes seen on reality TV shows to update the look of a hotel or leisure facility. A newly laid pathway or an old patio given a new layer of paving, as well as new seating and a few objects of interest – a mosaic or water feature, perhaps – can make a world of difference. With SureSet’s wide variety of aggregates, you can ensure the permeable resin bound paving harmonises beautifully with other materials.

  1. Camouflaging unsightly drains and manhole covers for a smooth, accessible finish.

Not many hotel guests appreciate views of drains, or the tripping hazard potentially posed by manhole covers. Paving over those features isn’t an option, as water utilities companies need unrestricted access – and they will dig through solid paving laid over them and leave you with the repair bill. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about those necessities.

Use a recessed tray and SureSet permeable resin bound paving to camouflage unsightly manhole covers and drains. A tray-and-paving combination offers a smooth finish to minimise the risk of tripping, and it offers easy access to workers. Consider using paving of a different colour and/or material to contrast the manhole covers and drains from the surrounding paving. Along with adding visual interest, using a different colour makes it easier to locate the drains and manhole covers in emergencies.

  1. Creating a clean finish up to edges such as kerbs, pin kerbs, plastic edging, wood and timber, marble setts or aluminium edging.

Freshly mixed SureSet is easy to spread, which makes it possible to create neat and tidy edges and clean finishes. There’s also no need to restrict your choice of edging.

  1. Improving access for everyone, particularly pushchairs, bicycles and wheelchair users, by easily incorporating ramps.

Use SureSet to pave ramps with an even finish for improved access for people on foot or on wheels. In addition to an even surface, permeable resin bound paving also minimises the chances of slippery moss or algae growing on walkways.

  1. Maintaining trees with a permeable paving tree pit – it eliminates trip hazards, allows water to drain through, and provides flexibility for movement and growth.

Tree pits are magnets for dead leaves, bits of paper, sweet wrappers, and assorted other trash. While often decorative, metal grills don’t prevent all rubbish from getting in. They also can be tripping hazards. Whether covered with a grill or left open, tree pits are high maintenance. Use SureSet resin bound tree pits as a low-maintenance solution. The permeable paving allows water to soak through to reach the ground around the crown, and it prevents rubbish from collecting. You can create resin bound tree pits around mature trees with exposed roots to decrease the risk of tripping.

  1. Including colours or designs using stencils or edging and perhaps coloured recycled glass from our Spectrum® range.

Consider creating a funky new children’s play area paved with PlayBound. The colourful option is made with small rubber granules that are bound by resin. Not only does it offer great creative potential, it also offers a softer landing if children trip or fall.

  1. Defining areas using different colours or textures.

SureSet’s many colours and types of paving materials make it easy to define different areas at your hotel or leisure facility.

  1. Providing a long-lasting, low maintenance, UV stable surface that is guaranteed for 21 years.

We recommend using an approved SureSet installer for your commercial paving project.

Examples Of SureSet Paving At Hotels

Have a look at these case studies – examples of perfect permeable Hotel and Leisure Paving…

  • As part of a 10 year investment plan, we continue to install creative paving for Butlin’s.
  • Practical pathways were installed for the new Aztca Hotel and Chessington World of Adventures.
  • Accessibility, permeability and beauty were the key requirements for the NewInn in Cerne Abbas, Dorset.

What next?

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