Browse through our video years and discover how we have grown as a business and developed new innovative product solutions.

Over the years we have launched many videos, to demonstrate the benefits and flexibility of our high quality material, as well as to showcase some of the creative and intricate designs that can be easily created.

Our ‘Transform your home’ video provides a general introduction to resin bound paving and demonstrates one of its main advantages of permeability. This is followed by a brief look at the planning process, the range of different surface finishes that was then covered by a 15-year guarantee and some before and after transformations.

Our commercial case study video is based on the project at Kennington Oval, London named the Oval Triangle. Emphases is on the client and their requirement for a paving product suitable for the existing scheme and its environment. Drainage was extremely important and minimal excavation was key. To complete such a large project within the timescale we used our first addition of the mechanical trowel which was later launched has the hover trowel in 2018.

We also have some animated instructional videos that were designed to be easy to follow and a helpful guide for viewers to follow the process when planning to use either of our self-install products, DIY Kits and TradePacks.

Other useful videos by SureSet include our ‘How to measure your area’ video when planning a permeable paving installation and our ‘maintenance’ guidance video to help increase the longevity of your resin bound paving.

With informative audio commentaries and average timings lasting less than two minutes, we hope our videos have been produced to provide a brief introduction to the aesthetics and performance of SureSet resin bound paving for home owners, architects and designers with all installations being guaranteed for 21 years.

Installation methods for permeable resin bound paving

Resin bound public walkways at a housing development in Southampton

Supplying high quality permeable resin bound surfaces for over 24 years.

Homeowners trust restored and their thoughts on the recent driveway installation

Installing trust aswell as paving

Rural drive and garden makeover revealed...

Use DIYPacks to create a practicle patio area

Buy DIY Kits Online from SureSet

Home owners thoughts on resin bound paving by SureSet

Resin Batching Van

ProResin by SureSet

Cleaning 15 years of dirt away

How to use a resin bound TradePack

Create an accessible solution, from steps to an easy to use paving ramp

A transformed entrance, before and after using permeable resin bound paving

Using a hover trowel for resin bound paving

Front door steps before and after

A full SureSet resin bound driveway installation

How resin bound materials are installed

Timelapse of a resin bound installation

A resin bound installation with a 21 year guarantee

How to maintain resin bound paving

SureSet Resin Bound TV Advert

TradePack Installation Guide

Commercial case study improving the public realm at Oval Triangle in London

Residential case study improving a pool surround

DIY Kit Installation Guide

How to measure your area

Samples to installation in less than two minutes

A SureSet guide for permeability

SureCell® driveway installation

Residential SureSet TV advert

Beautiful paving for your home

Homebuilding and Renovating Show

Ecobuild 2015

Bring a paving design to life

Colourful installation at Canterbury Christchurch University

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