What is resin bound?

Resin bound paving is a mixture of natural aggregate, marbled or recycled material (stone) and a high quality clear resin binder. A thorough mixing ensures all of the stone is fully coated in resin and ‘bound’ together; producing a 3D matrix. During the laying process minute voids are created that mimic natural drainage by allowing water to pass through.

SureSet permeable paving delivers a surface that is smooth, durable and needs very little maintenance; sweeping and occasional power washing to avoid the build up of debris and prevent the growth of moss or algae.

Our resin bound gravel is fully permeable; meeting the requirements of Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDs).  Even when applied to a non-permeable base, the permeability of SureSet allows water to be harvested or discharged into drains or soak-aways.

Resin bound is very different to resin bonded whereby a thin layer of resin is applied to the surface and aggregate scattered on top.

How is SureSet permeable?

During the mixing process we ensure that ensure each piece of stone is completely coated in resin; allowing the stones to bond securely whilst leaving minute voids for water to drain through to the sub-base.

Can I drive on SureSet?

Yes you can on SureSet. Our resin bound paving can even be designed for heavy traffic such as buses and lorries.

Is SureSet easy to clean?

Yes it is. There’s no loose stone with SureSet resin bound gravel making it easy to look after. Regular sweeping and occasional power washing will keep it looking fresh.

Watch our video maintenance guide.

What specification is the resin and groundwork's laid to?

The depth of SureSet resin bound gravel varies for each project, depending on the application and size of the stone, but the approximate ‘typical’ depth is 18mm. There are various base options for SureSet including asphalt, concrete, and SureCell (you can download more information here).

How long does SureSet take to cure?

SureSet resin bound paving is suitable for use after six to eight hours for pedestrians and 12-16 hours for vehicles. For heavy vehicle use, we recommend 24 hours to ensure the surface is fully cured.

How long does SureSet last?

SureSet permeable paving comes with an 21 year guarantee, however, the resin technology suggests it will last in excess of 25 years.

What groundworks and base preparation do we need to undertake?

The groundwork and preparation laid before you have resin bound installed is very important. If you are planning to have a new sub-base, for the best results, please use our really useful specifications. All SureSet Approved Installers will be able to carry out any groundwork and preparations for you. For your nearest Approved Installer contact us here

Can I lay SureSet myself?

Yes you can lay SureSet yourself. We have a range of Supply Only products such as a DIY Kit® or TradePack®. Although for large areas we would always recommend using a SureSet Installation Team for the best result.

Is the resin toxic?

No. Once installed SureSet is an inert material. Part of our resin blend is derived from natural plant extract.

What depth is SureSet normally laid at?

The depth of SureSet resin bound gravel varies for each project depending on the application and size of the stone. The approximate ‘typical’ depth of SureSet is 18mm.

How much does SureSet cost?

Each project is individually priced and dependent on the location, size of the area, application type and stone choice. Please contact us with this information and we will be happy to provide you with a free quotation.

Can I use SureSet resin with aggregate I already have?

In principle yes, although any aggregate would need to satisfy our minimum quality standard. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us.

How can I find your specifications?

All technical specifications and other useful documents can be found on our downloads page here.

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